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Mission and Vision


The mission of Future NTU is to pioneer the future, setting our vision on the value of perpetual eternity and taking our action as a pioneer.

To achieve this mission, all members of Future NTU must have the imagination of what the future holds. NTU must transform into a fully open and inclusive university by building an environment that breaks through the boundaries in areas such as teaching, talent acquisition, and administration, allowing everyone to carry out their aspirations which requires enduring perseverance. To this end, NTU invites the faculty, students, staff and alumni to build a vision from three dimensions: to elevate self-actualization, to advance collective intelligence, and to promote commonwealth society. We believe that incredible synergy can be generated when everyone is given the opportunity to realize their full potential through self-exploration and interactions with others. The sparks ignited during each encounter would ultimately accumulate into more prosperous and diverse collective intelligence. In addition to passing down the academic heritage, the Future NTU initiative shall also attempt to solve the challenging issues the world faces today, to lead the trends by predicting or preparing to solve pivotal issues, and to propel the society towards a better future. 

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