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The mission of NTU is dedicating this university to pioneering the future. As an ever-changing future has already emerged, NTU needs to provide a pioneering learning field with aspirations for all learners who enter this university carrying different talents and limitations, expectations and confusion, ideals and reality. Through brainstorming and mutual encouragement, each learner will be able to achieve self-actualization and accomplish his/ her unique purpose. In the recent past, collective reviews on the limitations of existing systems and strategic directions and specific action plans were made through numerous brainstorming sessions in Future NTU workshops and forums. It is the fondest hope of the Future NTU project that through the implementation and iteration of these action plans, every faulty, student, and staff equipped with the learning aspiration would break the boundaries of existing frameworks. Based on the approach of “learner-centered open university”, knowledge, experience and wisdom accumulated in the implementation process will be disseminated and shared among wider communities to boost collective intelligence and to propel societal development towards the common good.

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Let us work together and strides towards the vision of Future NTU "PIONEERING THE FUTURE."

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