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Accumulation of collective wisdom for the commonwealth

The breaking and making of Future NTU shapes new outlooks for a university, allowing the inclusion of diverse learners, and the construction of an teaching and learning environment towards a "learner-centered" direction. Future NTU will also break different boundaries to make the learning environment more open and free.

The vision of Future NTU does not stop only at the breakthroughs in talent cultivation and development. Facing the emergence of endless social and environmental issues, Future NTU needs to propose ways to solve them. Especially in the post-pandemic world, while the world order becomes unpredictable, these issues involve complex stakeholders across various systems. Comprehensive solutions cannot be achieved single handedly. Mutual cooperation within the human race will be of utmost importance. This is echoed by the British social innovation research institution Nesta which emphasizes that

"Collective wisdom could only
be created when people work together and adopt the power
of technology to facilitate the exchange and interactions of information, ideas, and insights." (Berditchevskaia, Baeck, 2020).

Future NTU evisions that individuals collaborate on the basis to achieve collective wisdom. This requires each individual to know oneself and to understand one’s purpose and standing in society and to understand how to create the maximum synergy. Through dialogues, one can break the stratosphere and to promote the establishment of common social consciousness.

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