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The Breaking and Making of Future NTU 

The intricate relationship between the learning issues and learning outcomes requires a comprehensive strategy rather than a single targeted solution. The “breaking” and “making” of Future NTU as strategic solutions have been synthesized and deduced from the concept of a “learner-centered open university”. The “breaking” implies breaking down the current systemic barriers to allow greater flexibility and openness inside the university. The “making” refers to transforming the teaching and learning model to build a learner-centered organizational culture and connected network.

There are 6 strategic directions for the “breaking” and “making” of Future NTU. These strategic directions emphasize not only breaking down the old framework such as the barriers of disciplines, the segregation between alumni and current students, the confinement of classrooms, and the boundary between industry and academia, but also shaping a new outlook for learning, including innovative organization and culture as well as personalized connection with learning.

After integrating these strategic directions with the identified learning issues, four core values were further aggregated: exploration and experience, autonomy and guidance, cross-domain co-learning, openness and trust. Each core value contains several action plans (Figure 3). Each action plan echoes back to the “breaking” and “making” strategy, respectively.

Figure 3: The strategies and approaches of Future NTU concentrate on “breaking” boundaries and “building” culture.
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