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“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow” (Dewey, 1916).


Imagining the Future of NTU

As NTU approaches its centennial in 2028, the Future NTU Initiatives have been launched to propose innovative solutions to the question: "What will the future of NTU be like?" Teachers and students from diverse fields of study gathered to brainstorm and engage in open dialogues. They are then joined by more stakeholders who are concerned about the future of education in Taiwan and of NTU, including students, faculty members, staff, alumni, parents, and industry partners. With over 100 workshops held and over 1,000 participants in total, the project allows everyone to reflect on the core value of NTU as a university and to share their thoughts on how the future trajectory and development of the university should be. 


 Pioneering the Future 

With "Self-actualization" serving as the essential foundation for Future NTU, the Future NTU Initiatives aim at identifying learning issues within self-actualization and proposing actionable execution plans based on categorized internal and external factors.  

Many learning issues arise during the "cultivation" phase of self-actualization. Strategically, Future NTU begins by reexamining existing regulations and establishing new ones that are more open. The thus enhanced learning experiences would act as external stimuli for learners, prompting internal transformations and encouraging them to explore their identity and future paths.

Consequently, we prioritize transforming the environment and systems with the aim of establishing a learner-centered open university.

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​Latest Events


NTU x TPOD @ TMU: Breaking Free from Traditional Classroom Settings — Self-Directed Learning


Office of Future NTU Initiatives


NTU x TPOD @ NCHU: Breaking Departmental Boundaries – Cross-Disciplinary Teaching and Learning


Office of Future NTU Initiatives


NTU x TPOD @ NKUST: Learner-Centered Academic Advising System


Office of Future NTU Initiatives


NTU Future University Forum (Part Three) is Now Open for Registration!


Office of Future NTU Initiatives

News Coverage​

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Image by Sam McGhee

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